Touhou Project Sig Picture

Posted on 2008-02-10 at 02:51 in Touhou by Robbi-985.

I’ve made a new signature – a Touhou Project one – for a forum which I hang around on (AnimeNuke). There’s something fairly rare about it, considering I made it – no cuteness, just an attempt of showing off the Touhou games’ awesomeness. That’s by no means saying that the Touhou girls aren’t cute, it’s saying that I haven’t actually used them, and it’s even rarer that I’d choose not to use that.

Touhou Project sig

Click to see it in full-size.

I was trying to make one with a really insanely hot/active feel to it. There’s not much more intense/fast-paced than the Touhou games, so I tried to recreate that feeling… and yes, I used 2 screenshots from one of the games (Imperishable Night). I tried to blur the “東方″ into both of the attack formations.

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