[AAAA] Vertex β vROFL (StepMania Player sync test) [HD]

Posted on 2010-09-23 at 09:44 in Random by Robbi-985.

I recorded this on the 24th of May 2009, while testing my StepMania Player program’s accuracy (another old video I’ve only just decided to upload). I wanted to make sure that it could play the decoded simfile as accurately as possible (OCD, yay~), so I chose the craziest simfile I have, and synchronised it with StepMania itself, to make my program “play” the song in the game. StepMania’s judge difficulty is set to 4, as always. Note that even StepMania’s built-in AutoPlay mode FAILS this simfile!

[Watch in HD]

My program controls lights connected to a computer, according to the notes in the simfile (it’s rather pointless to watch a 25 FPS video of them flashing this fast, but YouTube doesn’t support 50 FPS). Keystroke simulation is designed to allow the program to work with any other program that normally looks out for keypresses, to allow other devices to be controlled. For example, a friend of mine made a script in GlovePIE that turns a Wiimote’s “1 2 3 4″ LEDs on and off according to pressed keys.

The song is called “Vertex β″, by Silvia, and this particular simfile is by Dark Bahamut. The chart played was Challenge level.

So, it should be obvious to anyone that thought I was cheating in my previous StepMania videos that I wasn’t – If I wanted to cheat, I could do a much better job at it. But there’s no fun in that – a flashing “Marvelous” does not entertain for long. There’s nothing like tapping along with your favourite beats! =D

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