StepMania Player (revision 53)

Posted on 2010-09-09 at 21:10 in Games, Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

Well, here we are – a new version already, and there are actually a lot of changes! The most significant ones include fixing the bug where playback would “hang” at the end of some simfiles without looping or “stopping” (resetting), and command line support (for both loading a simfile, and specifying other options). Please see info.txt for the full list of recognized command line parameters. Also, the “scale” slider on the scrolling arrows view now lets you choose more useful speeds more accurately, and not quite such pointlessly slow speeds.

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The full list of changes (12!) is after the page break!

  • Fixed bug where playback would “hang” at the end of the simfile. The program would keep responding, but wouldn’t loop or “stop” (reset) like it should. This would happen when “Play music too” was ticked, but the audio file finished playing before the last event in the list was due to happen.
  • “<– Load” button (at the top of the main window) no longer changes to “Stop!”  when clicked. That was left over from a long time ago, when loading simfiles could take a very long time. Since it’s become faster, clicking “Stop!” didn’t actually stop the loading, but rather made it load again when it finished the first time (when it started responding again).
  • Added Alt-key shortcuts for various buttons and checkboxes which used to be missing them (probably most useful for laptop users, where using a touchpad is slower). This involved changing a few to avoid conflicts (identical shortcut keys on the same window).
  • Pressing the “7″ key while remote control is enabled but a simfile is not loaded (as would happen if remote control was enabled when you last exited the program) no longer causes a crash.
  • The program no longer stops responding during playback on slow computers when debug logging is enabled.
  • Added support for “extra options” on the command line. There are currently 24 options recognised, which are detailed in the included info.txt file (under “COMMAND LINE USAGE”). The options include loading the last-loaded simfile, setting the playback rate, starting playback, and showing various windows such as the scrolling arrows view.
  • Command line support added for opening a simfile! This means that you can drag a simfile onto the program on Explorer and the program will run and open the simfile. You can also associate .SM files with StepMania Player and the program will be able to open a simfile when you double-click one.
  • When serial port is open, some “special” signals are now sent to the SSC-32 on servo channels 13, 14 and 15, for controlling servos to indicate “STOP” time, BPM (25 to 800, logarithmically) and song playback position, respectively. This is done even if Parallel is the selected interface. For now, the options are hard-coded, because it’s still experimental.
  • Improved debug logging a little, including the fact that when a config file is loaded, the entire contents of the config file are copied to the log.
  • While loading a config file, the line in the file that’s currently being read is displayed on the main window (possibly useful if the program crashes while loading – the last-read line will be visible).
  • “Scale” slider on the scrolling arrows view now lets you choose a speed up to 4x as high 4x as accurately, and doesn’t let you choose quite as stupidly slow a scrolling speed (when at the bottom, the speed is now equivalent to what it used to be at half-way, which is still unplayably slow). Config files are still backwards- (and forwards-) compatible.
  • Numerous improvements to the way the serial port is dealt with, including improved error/info messages, and the fact that if a USB-to-serial adaptor is connected after the program starts running, the serial port controls will re-enable themselves if you reload the config file.

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