[StepMania Gloves] Kimi No Shiranai Monogatari (AA) [HD]

Posted on 2010-09-06 at 23:38 in Games, Music, Videos by Robbi-985.

An attempt at playing a simfile properly, using these very strange-looking gloves which I modified into a StepMania controller (using the I-PAC board). I’m still getting used to using them, especially the fact that I don’t need to use as much effort as I do to press keys on my keyboard (I keep hitting the arrows for the first half of the simfile or so early for this reason, gradually compensating). I’m not quite sure how I managed AA, with all those missed notes at the start…

[Watch in HD]

There are bare wires on the fingers of the gloves that touch the tin-foil on the thumbs. The wires are attached to the board, which then simulates keypresses and releases on a standard PS/2 keyboard port. Only the 2 fingers closest to the thumbs on each hand are used, because they’re the fingers I use when I’m playing with 2 hands on a keyboard. This way, I don’t need to completely re-learn to play.

The connections can still be extremely unreliable (it took many attempts to even get a run as good as this). Also, I use this board rather than my Arduino because I got the I-PAC a long time before I ever got the Arduino, and since this board is actually made for the job, it’s easier to use, and probably works better too (there’s a limited number of interrupts on an Arduino).

I did make another video, showing things in slightly more detail, and doing the very first gameplay test, but I didn’t edit it because it was just for a few friends. You can still view it here, but I kept the video as “unlisted”, because it’s messy as hell, and insanely amateur-ish (not implying that most of my videos are “professional”, though). It’s also low-quality – I recorded it in SD rather than HD, because it’s quicker to compress, and, as I said, it was just originally to show a few people.

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