StepMania Player (revision 51)

Posted on 2010-08-30 at 08:51 in Games, Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

This is a fairly significant update, in my opinion, with a number of improvements and fixes for some fairly long-running issues. Here’s the usual download link~

(Click image to see full-size version)

Changes, in the order of how important I think they are:

  • New “STOP” trigger for outputs, on the Detailed Config window! This trigger is “on” whenever “STOP!” is visible on the main playback view.
  • The effect of BPM changes on the scrolling arrows view is now smoothed; that is, the arrows do not suddenly become more spaced out, but gradually spread out and reach their new spacing after a fifth of a second.
  • Fixed occasional glitch with hold arrows on the scrolling arrows view, where the arrow would extend to the bottom of the window (or until the next hold arrow) for one frame when it was due to be released.
  • Whether the serial port is “Open (active)” or not is now no longer saved in the config file. It used to be the case that if a USB-to-serial adaptor, which used to be connected, was disconnected at the next run, the options to select a different COM port would be greyed out, making it impossible to select a new port.
  • On the scrolling arrows view, the chosen scrolling speed, and whether or not the “Constant speed” checkbox is ticked, are now saved in config files. That means that these settings will now be restored when you next run the program.

Please see the full post for more, less-important, changes.

  • Config files are now loaded faster, because the Main Playback View and CPU-Saving Options windows no longer have to be pre-loaded. This means that the program should start slightly faster (and with not quite as many annoying brief flashes of random windows).
  • Fixed the CPU-saving option of “Update ‘Time’ bar only when updating ‘Events’ bar” not being saved correctly in the config file. This bug has been present ever since this program first started using config files, way back in revision 36, which shows how little attention I pay to the CPU-saving options…
  • Minor performance boosts overall (now using native 32-bit variables in more places, among other things), and to the Detailed Config window, although it’s still highly recommended that you keep that window closed for the smoothest playback.
  • Fixed minor visual glitch around the drop-down menu for choosing the COM port, on the Detailed Config window.

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