BaWaMI (revision 127)

Posted on 2015-09-23 at 18:43 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

This is essentially a whole bunch of bug fixes, including one that I really should’ve released sooner (no longer freezes at the end of exporting a WAV/OGG file under certain conditions). There aren’t really new features, which should mean that, for once, the total number of bugs has actually decreased! ^^;

Most fixes are regarding WAV/OGG file-writing, click artifacts due to release times, and a couple of visual glitches. Full details are below the page-break.

You can grab the latest version from here (7.86 MB).

EDIT: When I first published this post, the download included a 64-bit version of “vcut.exe” (official Vorbis splitter, used by this version of Bawami) which would not work on 32-bit Windows. A universally-compatible, 32-bit version is now included instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When writing WAV/OGG files

  • OGG files never cut off at the end anymore. To ensure that oggenc.exe writes all data, a small period of silence followed by noise is sent to it, and the resulting OGG file is split at the beginning of the silence (the part containing noise is deleted). “vcut.exe” (official Vorbis splitter) is included in the “tools” folder for this purpose.
  • No longer freezes waiting for silence at the end. This happened if “Use effects” was ticked and master volume was >=90%, and was caused by a DC offset output by the new (revision 124) chorus processor that was above Bawami’s threshold for silence. Silence is now calculated based on difference between min and max points in the wave instead of an absolute value.
  • An existing OGG file will only be erased once the OGG quality has been chosen, instead of immediately after choosing a filename (i.e. the original file won’t be lost if the quality selection dialogue is cancelled).
  • A zero-byte file is not left behind after choosing a new OGG filename but cancelling on the OGG quality selection dialogue.
  • Last-used OGG quality is now remembered, both between exports and between runs (saved in startup.cfg).
  • OGG quality dialogue’s “OK” button now always has focus by default, so that pressing Enter will start writing the file (instead of “Cancel” still having focus if it had been clicked previously).
  • OGG quality dialogue can now be cancelled by pressing Escape.
  • Slightly increased speed of writing OGG files.

Attack/decay/release times

  • Should have eliminated click artifacts on note-offs when the channel’s release time has been lowered so far as to mean “instant” on an instrument which didn’t originally have an instant release.
  • Changed decay and release of Woodblock (115) to avoid click artifacts.
  • Fine-tuned strength of attack/release overrides for XG MIDIs a little.

Visual fixes

  • Splash cymbal (percussive note 055) no longer shows up as “Unsupported perc” on the MIDI Messages view (despite playing correctly).
  • Corrected formula shown in information text when moving mouse over bottom text box in the “arpeggio” section of PC Speaker tab on the config window.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Fixed bug on “Mod shape” tab of config window where the shape was not updated immediately when a new shape in the “Mix with shape #2″ area was selected (it was ignored until some other control was also adjusted).
  • Slightly reduced the (unintentional) effect where a high chorus level caused the volume to also increase.

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