*MCM EXPO 2010 May* Chasing Reimu Yukkuri RC Car(amelldansen)

Posted on 2010-06-03 at 01:18 in Music, Random, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

MCM Expo was held in London last weekend, and I took along the soundcase I’d been making, but it was my friend Dnstje’s remote-controlled Yukkuri which really stole the spotlight and turned into a remote-controlled crowd of dancing otakus. ;D

[Watch in HD]

Thanks to Dnstje for editing the videos we recorded!

2 Responses to *MCM EXPO 2010 May* Chasing Reimu Yukkuri RC Car(amelldansen)

  1. Halconnen says:

    Watching this really makes me want to visit the next MCM in hopes of meeting you there. xD

    Though visiting the UK for that would be a pretty nasty strain on my wallet.

    If you didn’t already, I think it’d be darn entertaining to upload this to niconico douga. I betcha the Japanese would be amused as well.

  2. Robbi-985 says:

    To be honest, I really don’t know what’s happening next MCM (or if I’ll even be going).

    As for uploading it to Niconico Douga, that would be up to Dnst to do. This is actually his video (although he used recordings from my camcorder) – I was lazy this time, so he went ahead and put the videos together and uploaded the final thing. =)

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