Bleeper Music Maker (revision 120)

Posted on 2008-01-22 at 23:21 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

This is the program I used to make the “Unlocked Girl” and “此処で逢ったが六十年目” so-called ‘bleeper music’. By this, I mean music made by the internal ‘PC speaker’ of a PC, made up of ‘beep’ noises (which is the only noise the PC speaker can produce).

I’ve been making the program for many months, and it’s not really complete, but I don’t think it ever will be. It’s certainly in a working state, so I’m putting it out to the public now. Actually, I did some time ago (when I released the Unlocked Girl video on YouTube nearly a month ago) .

You can download the latest version of Bleeper Music Maker here. I’ve just spent several hours completing a fairly big text file of info for it (included in the download!). So if you have a question, it will hopefully be answered there (feel free to ask if it wasn’t answered, of course! ^^). The download also contains several save-files of music (including the 2 I mentioned above).

Bleeper Music Maker's main window

3 Responses to Bleeper Music Maker (revision 120)

  1. Recant says:

    This is probably the coolest thing that I’ve run into for years. it’s awesome to play around with.

  2. Recant says:

    Awesome thing you’ve made:D. Haven’t seen anything this neat for years. Fun to play with. It would be nice if there is a converter…or is there?

  3. Robbi-985 says:

    There’s no convertor (yet). *Sigh*
    I would love to be able to make a MIDI-to-BMM convertor (the MIDI would have to be simple, probably custom made just this program, but since there are a lot of editors for MIDIs than BMM files, that’s probably easier and not a problem).

    However, the last time I tried to make a program to read a MIDI file, it just ended in frustration and a headache, because the file format was much more complex and hard to understand compared to my BMMs for example (because BMMs are just text-based – you can look at them in Notepad). Some time I’d like to have another crack at it, though.

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