[Time-lapse] Peaceful April Sunset [HD]

Posted on 2010-04-27 at 16:16 in Videos by Robbi-985.

I decided to try my hand at another time-lapse video, but this time, I tried to make it more peaceful and less dramatic. =)

This time, it’s at a constant 48x speed, so we have just under 3 hours of real life squeezed into a little under 4 minutes. Also, this time, my camcorder was facing out of an open window, so yay, no annoying/confusing reflections!

[Watch in HD]

I had no idea that what seems to be Venus would happen to be visible as a bright dot a little way underneath the moon (at least, it’s visible if you watch in HD). Also, keep an eye out for the clouds which look like giant soaring birds between the two houses, at around 02:30.

The sound is audio taken from the actual full video – 25-second segments crossfaded together, whose starting times match the time in the time-lapse video. So you get a good idea of what it sounded like, without it sounding stupid from being played at 48x speed. =p

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