Bleeper Music Maker (revision 146)

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 14:25 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

I’ve fixed a lot of things, particularly to do with playing MIDI files. You can grab this latest version from the usual download place.

EDIT: Fixed newly-introduced bug which caused a crash if you loaded a MIDI file with more than 16 tracks.

Note that a new DLL file is now included (and used if you tick “Play a MIDI file” or “Use live MIDI input”), so you’ll probably have to run Fix DLL OCX.exe before Bleeper Music Maker will be able to play a MIDI file or use live MIDI input, or possible even run at all.

  • While playing a MIDI file, tempo changes are now properly interpreted! Previously, the program would only pay attention to the tempo as it was at the start, but now, the tempo can change throughout the music.
  • Fixed desynchronisation of MIDI tracks while using “Play a MIDI file”!
  • FMOD can now switch between notes much more quickly (about as fast as 2 mS) when using live MIDI input or playing a MIDI file, where it is sometimes necessary for such fast switching due to many notes being held on at once.
  • FMOD now actually shuts up when you un-tick “Use FMOD to create the beep”. Previously, sometimes it didn’t shut up if a sound was playing at the time that you unticked it.
  • When you tick ‘Play a beat sound’, the program will now ask if you want to un-tick ‘Do not update’ (if ticked), so that the beat sound will be able to play properly. If the green position indicators don’t update during playback, then the beat sound will be played at the wrong times, although the program never mentioned this before.
  • Fixed a few things in the created ‘debuglog.txt’ file when debug logging is enabled.
  • If you change the BPM while music is playing, the program no longer freezes (it was even possible for it to sometimes stop responding with a note being held on constantly). Instead, playback simply stops.
  • Fixed problem where if you tick “Use live MIDI input” but have no MIDI input devices, then the “Play a MIDI file” checkbox becomes greyed out.

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