BaWaMI (revision 123)

Posted on 2015-04-09 at 23:03 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

This update fixes a few bugs (one introduced in revision 122) and contains some (very subtle) speed improvements, actually reducing the file size by 12KB, too!

  • Fixed bug where volume/expression/aftertouch/pan bars would not be redrawn after choosing a new language during playback (bug introduced in revision 122).
  • Reduced memory usage of MIDI Messages view slightly.
  • Playback can no longer wrongly be skipped with Ctrl+Left/Right arrow keys while rendering a WAV or OGG file.
  • Fixed the first 100 event indeces being displayed as 00-990 instead of 0-99 on MIDI Messages view.
  • Optimised string-handling (only slightly affects loading config, language, instruments and percussion mapping), which also reduced the file size by 12KB.

Download this version here (7.41 MB)

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