Unlocked Girl [IOSYS] – Complete Remake! (‘Robbi-985 Remix’)

Posted on 2008-01-22 at 16:44 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

I finally completed this! I’ve been working on it since the 25th of December, and finally last night it was completed. I hope you like it. And I know there are several typos. >_<

Original YouTube page

I’d prefer it if you commented at that page, rather than here. That way, all comments will be in one place (even the comments left by people who didn’t find the video on this blog). There’s more info there too – just check the description! :D

Oh, and the high-quality stereo MP3 can be downloaded… right… here. (5.47 MB, 5 mins 10 secs) (Sorry about the slow download speed.)

2 Responses to Unlocked Girl [IOSYS] – Complete Remake! (‘Robbi-985 Remix’)

  1. sam001 says:

    Nice job :D

  2. no_signal says:

    you make a great job! my name is robert and i’am
    a representant of young polish net-lab 49manekinow
    [49mannequins]. i would like to ask you about the
    release for us. maybe you’ll find some free time
    and make some kind of little ep, lp, single or remixes
    for us. we very like your stuff and we’ll be proud to have
    your stuff in our catalogue!
    all releases in our net-lab are free mp3 available
    under creative-commons licence.
    go and check our stuff to: http://www.49manekinow.net
    if you’re interested in our proposition, please
    send us a link to a zipped file on rapidshare or
    stuff like that here on myspace (www.myspace.com/manekinow49) or on our e-mail
    address: info@49manekinow.net
    we’re waiting for your answer inpatiently!
    p.s. sorry for my english,
    it’s not very good

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