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Posted on 2014-12-06 at 04:39 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

For people who are curious, I have made a section where you can download old versions of Bawami. There’s now a link in the top-right of the usual download page, too.

IMPORTANT: These old versions contain bugs which can sometimes make them unusable, and even make your system unstable! That’s why I released newer versions, after all. Please have a quick look through the latest change log to see what was fixed in versions after the one you choose to download, in order to get an idea of the bugs that you can expect to encounter. I will not change or support these old versions, and recommend that you always download the latest version if you want things to work with the fewest problems. If you feel that you need to use an older version instead of the newest one for some reason, please let me know why and I’ll try to fix the newest version for you!

I’m doing this because I’ve found myself wanting old versions of various programs recently, and I’d hate Bawami to be one of those programs that’s hard to find old versions of, if only for seeing what’s changed over time. Plus, I saw in my server’s log someone trying to download old versions by guessing the URLs, so I thought I’d help them out! I can’t stress enough the importance of checking the changelog to avoid nasty surprises that I fixed in later versions, and would recommend running the old version in a virtual machine just to be safe, but please have fun! Revision 121 (which lets the PC speaker do silky-smooth pitch-bends, among other things) will be released shortly, but as it’s gone 3AM here, I’d like to sleep before I write up that blog post.

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