R/C Reimu Yukkuri at Abunai! 2009 [HD]

Posted on 2009-09-29 at 02:54 in Music, Random, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

Dnstje, a friend of mine, made this remote-controlled yukkuri Reimu head, which also has a speaker for playing sound from things such as an iPhone connected to the controller. A bunch of Touhou fans formed around us, so Dnstje played some Touhou-related remixes on the yukkuri as we all chased it around the various rooms of the Abunai convention, seeing everyone’s reactions. =D

The alarms at 03:13 and 03:31 were set off by the FM transmitter (controller). xD

[Watch in HD]

Sorry for the many fast-forwarded clips, but it was VERY hard to squeeze about 25 minutes of footage down to the length of the song. I tried to completely remove the most boring parts, and I sped up the parts where it took a while for anything different to happen.

4 Responses to R/C Reimu Yukkuri at Abunai! 2009 [HD]

  1. KirbyM says:

    That looks like it’d be incredibly fun to play around with!

  2. masterpj says:

    So awsome :D
    i would loved to see that XD

    that is so awsome.
    however how did he manage to stream the audio?
    wifi? :S

    did he made the reciever device himself?
    or did he make use of a wireless bluetooth headset or handsfree? :S
    or none of all above XD

  3. Dnstje says:

    Wifi/Bluetooth, you are close ^^.

    2.4 Ghz Audio/Video transmitter/receiver. it could’nt be easyer xD so I though I use this methode to avoid big antenna’s like 27mhz do and lower. adding a small amplifier (TDA1518) which has less compoments and great for small things where high power is needed.
    even though the quality of the sound is much higher than in the mhz bands ^^..

    powersuply was 6x 3.7 Li-ion batts which does 10 ~ 12 volts when charged at 4400mAh.

    So why not take it easy? ^^

  4. Masterpj55 says:

    =P So awsome.

    (lol late comment)

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