BaWaMI (revision 120)

Posted on 2014-10-11 at 05:32 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

This fixes quite a few bugs I discovered, and adds a new option to choose the buffer length when using the DSound or WinMM sound drivers. I also added instrument “Effect 8 (Sci-fi)” (103) (only 4 more GM instruments left to add until all 128 are there!). Details and download link are below.

New stuff

  • Added “buffer length” slider on “Sound system” tab of config window. This only affects the DSound and WinMM drivers. When using ASIO, your soundcard’s ASIO driver controls the buffer size. Lower values let you reduce the delay at the cost of potentially-stuttering sound on slow computers or inefficient drivers. Default is 93 (x 44 = 4092 samples) (~93 milliseconds). This setting is saved between runs.
  • Added instrument file for Sci-fi Effect (103).

Miscellaneous bug fixes

  • No longer acts as if “Use filters” is ticked when it’s not, after the sound system is restarted. This fun bug meant that filters were always enabled when Bawami started even if checkbox was unticked, because the sound system is initialised after settings are loaded.
  • No longer possible to crash Bawami by holding Ctrl+Left to skip backwards when playback is already at the beginning of some MIDIs.
  • Fixed bug where Bawami could freeze in a loop at the end of playback or a custom loop end point, if a MIDI file set a custom loop start point to be the same as the end point. In this case, the custom points will be ignored, and playback will loop to 0 seconds at the end of the file. I had tried to make Bawami detect this situation before, but I discovered just now that it didn’t work.
  • Section loops that should only loop a certain number of times should now work correctly (not be infinite).

Visual/logging fixes

  • Made all the window icons look nice even when they’re small (16×16 or 32×32). This also fixes the silly-looking icon in the Windows Volume Mixer. This actually reduced the EXE file size by 28KB!
  • Text that prompts to click “Apply” on the sound system tab of the configuration is bold again (it unintentionally stopped being bold some time when I worked on the language system).
  • Fixed bug where no “action” text would be displayed on the MIDI Messages view for CC #74 (cutoff frequency) messages if “Use filters” was unticked. Descriptive text would also be missing for NRPN H001.L032 (cutoff frequency) data entry messages.

You can get the new version from here (7.30 MB).

2 Responses to BaWaMI (revision 120)

  1. Chris Martin says:


    I would like to ask if there is a way to output the PIT commands on your PC Speaker version to then be used in a demo or other medium? I am limited to 240 PIT changes per second, so, not sure how that would work, but even three channels and one percussion would be better than what I have available to me now. Thoughts?


    • Robbi-985 says:

      I’ve sent you an email with details!
      I may also make this an advanced command-line option in a future version.

      Sorry for not seeing this message sooner.

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