Window Light Show – In Memory Of Cirn⑨ Day

Posted on 2009-09-10 at 11:05 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

Well, I was a ⑨ and only started making this on the 8th, so it was a big effort for me to get it done and recorded before the 9th ended.

[Watch at YouTube]

This is an insanely rushed video of the view from outside my bedroom window. Later I intend to upload a video showing the simfile I made (and which these lights are playing) playing on StepMania, because it looks kind of insane, perhaps along with another few views of the lights from other locations.

This video is not uploaded in HD, because too many computers struggle to play HD YouTube videos (they update the picture slowly), and that’s a very bad thing for this video. Smoothness is essential here, and the picture resolution is not. ^^

Sadly, I couldn’t get it compressed and uploaded before midnight GMT (and certainly not a proper in sync version, *cough* YouTube), but we will NEVAR FORGET our little blue idiot, so I guess it’s okay. ^^ Yep, that makes no sense whatsoever. But who cares? It’s Cirno d–! Oh wait, it’s not any more.

One Response to Window Light Show – In Memory Of Cirn⑨ Day

  1. Masterpj55 says:

    I was to late to make a video for Cirno day.

    Lol i was born on: 19/09/1992 XD

    XD i come quite close to Cirno day :P

    Because of Cirno. i give this vid a rating from 0 to 9

    a 9 XD
    (i cant type the orignal cirno icon) (school computer doesnt show the character) =P

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