Colour dot matrix mixing basic colours (1/4 speed)

Posted on 2014-10-10 at 02:57 in Videos by Robbi-985.

Blue is actually violet, but oh well. This is using the Epson Windows graphic-mode driver and OpenOffice Writer – nothing made by me, this time. I had to boost the saturation by a stupid amount in editing to make the colours on the paper be visible to the camcorder, for some reason.

[Watch in HD]

I was messing around while editing a past video and thought that it sounded cool when slowed down, so I decided to record it in higher quality and show how secondary colours are mixed from cyan/magenta/yellow at the same time.

I intend to record another (normal-speed) video of it printing images, using dithering to make other shades of colours.

The printer’s an Epson LQ-300+II. I recorded it with a Quad-Capture sound interface at 192KHz using two NT1-A mics, and slowed it down to 48KHz (25% speed).

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