Printer-based ADV game (proof-of-concept)

Posted on 2014-10-08 at 03:10 in Programs, Videos by Robbi-985.

Complete with typos! I wanted to try 3 things – ADV-style storyline scripts with branching, console mode, and realtime printer control without any fancy hardware interface. This is the (rather incomplete) result, but I thought it was already fun enough for a video.

[Watch in HD]

Thanks to code samples by a Karl Peterson, I now know how to send raw data to any printer, so I have no excuse to not make/modify/release some printer-related programs for the public. Oh no!

This script language I made also allows if/then decisions and setting values of variables, but I haven’t fully finished coding support for those yet. Unfortunately, I have no imagination at all regarding thinking up storylines, so this is all I could do for a video.

The printer is an Epson LQ-300+II, running on Windows 7 using the “Generic / Text Only” driver. This driver is the key to being able to send raw text and commands to the printer.

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