SC-88Pro LCD SysEx Generator

Posted on 2014-09-18 at 04:22 in Music, Programs, Videos by Robbi-985.
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After I recently released the video of my Kill Me Baby MIDI, someone was interested in how I controlled the Sound Canvas’s LCD. It’s actually possible to draw using the buttons on the front of the synth itself, but that’d be tedious and would wear out the buttons, so I made this program… along with this cheap video to quickly show what it does!

[Watch in HD]

This program generates System-Exclusive MIDI messages to control the LCD on the Roland SC-88Pro MIDI synth (it may work with other Roland Sound Canvas models, too). The SysEx message text can then be pasted onto any MIDI editor that lets you insert SysEx messages. The program replicates the SC-88Pro’s own FrameDraw functions, allowing you to draw graphics on the 10 pages, as well as display text at the top of the LCD.

(Click it to see full-size image)

  • Create SysEx to store graphics, display graphics, or display text.
  • Easily shift/drag the graphic up/down/left/right, invert colours and duplicate it
  • Can also decode LCD SysEx messages back to graphics or plain text
  • Can recalculate the checksum bytes of GS SysEx messages
  • Can automatically copy SysEx to clipboard for quick editing
  • SysEx updates as soon as you change anything (e.g. draw a pixel)
  • Remembers the 10 graphic pages between runs, like how the SC-88Pro keeps pages stored while powered off.

Please see the included “info.txt” for full details and tips/advice. The Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime installer is included in the download for convenience. You only need to install it if the program fails to run – newer Windows operating systems come with it pre-installed.

You can download it from here (1.01 MB).

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