BaWaMI (revision 119)

Posted on 2014-09-06 at 18:45 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

This adds a new command line option -scanwinmm x (or you can add “ScanWinMM x” to your startup.cfg file). Replace x with 0 or 1. If 0, Bawami will not scan for sound devices compatible with the WinMM driver. I discovered that FMOD (the sound system) freezes withanks to some bad USB3 drivers when a device is connected via USB3 when trying to scan for them. Using -scanwinmm 0, only DirectSound and ASIO drivers will be available to choose on the config window. This setting will be remembered between runs in startup.cfg! To re-enable WinMM devices, use -scanwinmm 1 (or change “ScanWinMM” to 1 in startup.cfg).

Apart from that, there are a couple of SysEx bug fixes and a little more work on translation mode and the Japanese language (which is still very incomplete and bad-sounding). I also fixed an embarrassing and potentially-confusing mistake where 2 error messages were swapped (this had nothing to do with language files, but was an error in the code). Details are below the page break.

Here’s the new version (7.30 MB).

Miscellaneous changes

  • A random character is no longer sometimes displayed at the end of text when emulating the Sound Canvas LCD (bug introduced in revision 108 when adding code to strip extra F0 bytes from the beginning of SysEx messages).
  • SysEx to display no graphic page on a Sound Canvas LCD is no longer shown on the MIDI Messages view as if it’s not recognised.
  • Fixed embarrassing mistake: The error shown when failing to initialise the sound device, and the error shown when failing to write to a WAV file, are no longer swapped. This had probably been wrong ever since writing of WAVs was first introduced in revision 106.
  • New command line option “-scanwinmm 0” to disable scanning for WinMM-compatible sound devices at startup, which causes Bawami (FMOD) to freeze with some bad USB3 drivers when a device is connected via USB3. This setting will be remembered in startup.cfg! To re-enable using devices with the WinMM driver, use “-scanwinmm 1“. You can also change “ScanWinMM” to 0 or 1 in startup.cfg.

Language-related changes

  • Removed more pointless (duplicate) language files and stopped them from being created.
  • Worked on the Japanese translation a little more. It’s still very incomplete and bad-sounding.
  • In translator mode, it is now possible to press Ctrl+A to edit the caption of the following controls on the config window when the mouse pointer is above them: “Send “Reset” at start of playback” checkbox; all frames (e.g. the text “Graphical user interface” on the “Interface” tab).
  • When toggling “Show filenames” in translator mode by using the button in the bottom-left of the config window, tone and percussive instrument names are no longer reloaded, to make reloading the language faster. Instrument names will still be loaded when (re-)selecting the language on the “Interface” tab.

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