New Channels… [HD]

Posted on 2009-07-11 at 15:12 in Random, Videos by Robbi-985.

My brother and I are one of the many who don’t like the fact that we’re being forced into changing the design of our channels. Instead of (as our way of?) joining in with the futile protests, we opted for making a video. We decided to keep it light-hearted, though.

Hooray for sarcasm overload.

[Watch in HD]

Please try to ignore the several glaring inconsitencies throughout. orz

On another note, I’ve finally switched from the dreadfully slow, unstable and incompatible Premiere for editing my videos, and I think it shows. I was able to spend more time editing and less time waiting for / restarting the program. The name of the program I now use, along with the rest of the credits, is at the end of the video.

I was more than a little nervous uploading this, truth be told, for fear of it being removed and them marking my channel as forever being a “bad” one. But I uploaded it anyway, hoping that a company as big as YouTube wouldn’t sink to those standards, and might even take a hint at what its customers like.

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