StepMania Player (revision 49)

Posted on 2009-06-24 at 04:55 in Games, Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

Well, as always happens when I make big changes, a lot of new bugs cropped up when I released revision 48 yesterday. This update squashes all the bugs I found, including one which has been lurking since long before yesterday but which I only just discovered. Also, a little countdown to the end of the music is now shown at the bottom of the main playback view if “Allow music to finish” is ticked and the step chart has finished, but the music still hasn’t finished. Quite a lot of things in total are fixed/changed (even more than in revision 48).

You can grab the now-somewhat-more-stable version from here, as usual.

Full details on changes I made are below the page-break~

The following were all bugs which showed up while waiting for the music to finish (all events in the event list had finished being played, but the new “Allow music to finish” checkbox on the main window was ticked):

  • If you load a new simfile, weird stuff (involving playing through the events at light-speed and not turning off the lights afterwards) doesn’t happen any more.
  • The remaining number of seconds until the end of the music is shown on at the bottom of the main playback view.
  • No longer crashes while waiting for music to finish if the music continues for a very long time after the last event (i.e. past the end of the step chart). Previously it crashed with a “Subscript out of range” error after roughly one minute after the last events, if “Allow music to finish” was ticked and the music hadn’t finished by then.
  • If you unticked “Allow music to finish”, the program used to continue to wait for the music to finish.

The rest are just general changes or bugs which showed up at other times:

  • Made the “events per sec (speed)” display on the main playback view be displayed slightly more efficiently. It now uses little enough CPU time for ‘Don’t calculate event speed (“events per sec”)’ to not even need to be an option on the “CPU-Saving Options” window, so I’ve removed that option.
  • Fixed bug where you need to press “Stop” twice to stop the music if the music has looped (which would only happen if you have Loop ticked, obviously). The first click used to just restart playback from the beginning. This bug was added in the just-released revision 48, and was stupidly hard to fix.
  • Revision 48 broke the “Start of notes” button. It should have skipped to the first tap or press, but it was skipping to the first BEAT instead. I’ve fixed that now.
  • Fixed crashing if the simfile’s music file can’t be seen and there are no other audio files in the simfile’s folder. It seems this bug had been added in revision 43, ironically enough while I was trying to remove an almost identical bug.

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