StepMania Player (revision 48)

Posted on 2009-06-23 at 03:17 in Games, Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

Well, this is a massive update, the main 2 features of which are the proper support for “dance-double” type step charts (2 pads), and the fact that music doesn’t have to be cut off at the end of playback any more (this new option to allow music to finish fully is enabled by default)! Note: The scrolling arrows view, for now, still only shows PAD 1′s arrows (if I mention pads any more, a knife will mysteriously find its way into my skull).

(Click image to see full-size version)

You can grab it from the usual download place.

Full information on changes are below the page-break (there really is quite a lot of significant stuff this time).

  • New textbox for “Beat mS” on Detailed Config Window. This is like “Tap mS”, but specifically for beats instead of arrows. Previously this was hard-coded at 130 milliseconds, but now it’s configurable. I don’t know why it took me so long to get round to making it configurable.
  • New checkbox underneath “Play music too” (on main window) to allow music to FULLY FINISH at the end of the step chart, instead of being abruptly cut off on the last event (even if the music continues past this). This checkbox is ticked by default.
  • Support for “dance-double” affects the “Realtime light control” and “Keystroke simulation” config windows in that you can now set up controls for 2 pads plus a “beat” key, instead of just 1 pad and a “beat” key!
  • Support for the “dance-double” chart type! Now, 2 pads are shown on the main playback view, and 2 sets of LEFT/DOWN/UP/RIGHT arrows are shown on the Detailed Config window (for triggering the outputs). However, for now, the scrolling arrows view continues to display Pad 1 only (it’s a big job to change, but it would also run slower when showing 8 arrows).
  • There’s now a separate textbox on the Detailed Config window for the “Strobe mS” (the number of milliseconds the lights spend on or off while strobing, e.g. during rolls). Previously, “Tap mS” (the duration for which a light stays on for taps) controlled the “Strobe mS” too, but now the two are independant of each other.
  • “Tap mS” (and the later-added “Strobe mS” and “Beat mS”) now have 2 as their minimum acceptable value (instead of 5). Although it’s highly unlikely that a setting of 2 mS will be accurately kept to, and even less likely that it’s even needed for any situation in real life, I have made it an option because it is at least possible now.
  • 16 KB bigger file size. =P

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