Imperishable Night via MIDI Out

Posted on 2008-02-10 at 00:29 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

I was playing around with my keyboard (Yamaha PSR-E313) which has MIDI in and out capability, and I was thinking “I wonder how the music from Imperishable Night would sound through this thing…” (since Imperishable Night has an option of MIDI music in its Options screen). I made this little YouTube video out of the result.

The actual YouTube page is here. The idea was that the keyboard’s display would let you see the notes as they’re played (the notes on Channel 1 of the MIDI, so sometimes nothing shows up). But YouTube did as good a job as ever at making the audio and video get out of sync, so it’s hard to follow. <_<

I’m having trouble getting it to set up the channels properly, i.e. what should be PERCUSSION comes out as PIANO. That is, until I start playing a MIDI file on the keyboard itself – at that point, it sets up its channels properly. That means it’s restricted to playing the Touhou music using instrument sets from the MIDIs I have stored on the keyboard at the moment.
So what I’m doing is getting the Imperishable Night music playing on my computer as MIDI, it goes to my keyboard, then I start and immediately pause another unrelated MIDI on the keyboard itself, to force it to set its channels up properly. This means you’re hearing the Touhou music using different sets of instruments than intended to (the instruments of the unrelated MIDIs). I use a few random unrelated MIDIs, so you get to hear the music in a few different sets of instruments.When I unplugged the MIDI cable, it was to prove that it really is playing in realtime. I want to connect the MIDI out of my computer to the MIDI in of my computer, and record, to ‘extract’ the MIDI files from the game. But I need to get some little adaptor to allow me to connect 2 male cables to each other.

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