Random HD Clips: The Second

Posted on 2009-06-07 at 17:29 in Random, Videos by Robbi-985.

Here’s a second batch of high-resolution randomness. YouTube has made the sync absolutely ridiculously bad, this time, despite me making the video in the same way as the last one. It’s almost like you’re watching a video and listening to a different video’s audio in some clips. =/

[Watch in HD]

Things shown, in order of appearance and camera details for people with time to waste are below…

Things shown, in order of appearance (61 clips, this time!):

  • Sunset from my room.
  • Out-of-tune piano.
  • Walking down a road in winter.
  • An electricity meter at the place where I used to work.
  • StepMania crash during “Marisa stole the precious thing”.
  • Baaka baaka!
  • Our cat telling us off.
  • Inside Of A Piano Was Her.
  • Traffic lights.
  • Messy room.
  • Fan and battery.
  • Construction work in a church.
  • Plastic Mind on SM with lights.
  • Plasma ball and jam jar lid.
  • Our cat enjoying some nice relaxing metal.
  • More SM fail.
  • Flower macro.
  • Low note is low.
  • My mum and our cat chatting.
  • Solar-powered calculator messed up by low light.
  • Plasma ball working with my SM lights.
  • Grandparents in their sitting room.
  • Car being pressure-washed.
  • Inside of SM lights box.
  • Cat meets cam by a fence.
  • TMPGEnc on flickering CRT (Sakuya won!).
  • Thick snow on car.
  • Talking ducks.
  • Beautiful orange/purple sunset.
  • Nitro car on 2 wheels.
  • Hail from van.
  • Ant macro.
  • PSP failing to play a Flash (the source of “Hax Sign”) by KirbyM.
  • Slanting roof, hiccup, thud.
  • Don’t stack it.
  • Subwoofer firing sheet of paper.
  • Pancake sounding like a washing machine.
  • Mansion & speed ramps.
  • Our cat chilling.
  • Oh-h-h-h-h-h!
  • Beautiful horn.
  • Back of A/V system.
  • McDonald’s.
  • Bee cleaning itself… or doing something.
  • A calm street which I thought looked nice.
  • My PSP not taking it easy.
  • Nitro car zooming through leaves at 200 FPS
  • Thermometer in sun.
  • Spider tele-macro.
  • Pink sky, wind in mic.
  • Clock chiming.
  • Neko to futari de JANPU da PYON!
  • Server receiving files by FTP.
  • Strange siren nearby.
  • Subwoofer making memory stick fly at 200 FPS.
  • Construction work in tunnel.
  • My bro playing his electric guitar with an awesome-sounding effect on Guitar Rig 3.

Software / Camera info:

The camera is a Sony HDR-SR12E. This records interlaced video at 1920×1080. I had to scale the video down to 1280×720 for YouTube. Because the video is interlaced at 25 frames/sec, when deinterlacing and keeping both fields you can get 50 FPS video. The camera has a “Smooth Slow Rec” feature which lets it record at 100 FPS for 3 seconds. Again, when deinterlacing, you can expand this to 200 FPS (1/8x speed!) without losing any frames. However, the video quality is not so high when using Smooth Slow Rec.

I used TMPGEnc 4 to deinterlace and compress the original AVCHD (MTS) files. I used Premiere to arrange the videos. Recently I’ve realised that it is much easier to use VirtualDub and AviSynth (and the final result is better quality, not that it would be noticable on YouTube), so if I’ll be glad to say “Good riddance” to the insanely-bloated and unstable Premiere and TMPGEnc if I do another one of these HD compilation videos. (It also means I don’t need about 20 GB of HDD space just for temporary files.)

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