StepMania LED Message Display + Lilies Line (AAA) [HD]

Posted on 2009-05-31 at 15:36 in Touhou by Robbi-985.

A few days ago I bought a nice LED message display, and after finding out what data to send to it to control it (without using the sucky software which it came with), I have something new to work with StepMania! ^^

[Watch in HD]

My program controlling the display works by reading StepMania’s log file to see what you’re doing on StepMania. However, StepMania only updates its log file when it’s built up enough text to write (to avoid making the hard drive do unnecessary work), which means that my program sometimes doesn’t realise what’s happening (or doesn’t until it’s too late). At the end of a song (when StepMania shows “Failed” or “Cleared”) is when this happens the most. Unfortunately, detailed gameplay info (for example, how many “Great”s you got, or what your longest combo was) is not written to the log file. orz

The voice which announces the name of the song is just pre-recorded audio files, and I haven’t recorded files for all songs. As you will hear, only the first 2 songs have their names announced.

Also, I forgot to set my camcorder’s focus to manual, so the flashing of my StepMania lights messes up the autofocus a bit. Sorry xD

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