[Touhou] Electric River (Komachi’s Theme Techno Remix) [HD]

Posted on 2009-05-19 at 17:54 in Music, Videos by Robbi-985.

I made this this slowish techno remix of Komachi Onozuka’s theme (Higan Retour ~ Riverside View) on the spur of the moment, some time last year. “Electric” since it’s techno, “River” due to Komachi’s job of ferrying souls along a river… that, and the whole electricity/water thing worked out nicely, heh.

I’ve finally recorded a video of me playing the simfile (along with my SM lights responding to my keypresses, and a random scythe which I’ve had since some halloween before I even knew about Touhou), so I can finally upload the music with the video to YouTube. Background image by Yuuki Eishi.

[Watch in HD]

It starts off sounding very electronic, but turns to techno with a few hints of rock (I guess). The ways in which I used the various melodies within Komachi’s theme is original (I didn’t base it on anything, unlike my Unlocked Girl re-make). Of course, there are some of my own fast harmonizing melodies in here too.

MP3 download link (~6.5 MB as ZIP) (320 kbps) (Sorry about the slow download speed…)

Simfile download link (Includes the same 320kbps MP3) (I’ll add a link on my own (slow) server for those without an account at Bemanistyle soon.)

I released a not-quite-finished version of this (here at my blog) near the end of last year, but I’ve improved on that version slightly (most significantly by changing a snare-like sound, and changing the volume levels of all of the instruments). The download link on the post for the old version now leads to this new version.

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