StepMania Player (revision 46)

Posted on 2009-05-19 at 06:34 in Games, Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

I’ve made a few minor changes to StepMania Player; you can download the new version from here, as usual. After the page break, there’s info on the changes.

I’m not intending on doing much right now due to excitement from and preparation for the upcoming MCM Expo in London! Yes, I do have a life outside of programming – albeit an otaku’s life… I’ll be going with a friend (who’ll be staying at my place) on both days, and I’ll be sure to get a ton of HD videos of the many, many cosplayers. By the way, there’s actually a group of people who will be cosplaying as Touhou characters, which I find pretty damn cool. Here’s to hoping that everyone beats the world record (for the number of people in one place cosplaying as characters from video games) which they, themselves, set last October (2008), and here’s to hoping that I can actually find them at the time when they line up outside as they aim to make that new record. >_<

Wow, this is the most blog-like post I’ve ever actually made

  • Changed “SM Player.exe”‘s file description and comment. The previous one was left over from an extremely long time ago (before the program could even control lights).
  • Made it so that if you choose “Serial” as the interface and “Servos” as the device to control, then switch the interface back to “Parallel”, the device now switches back to “Lights” instead of staying as “Servos”. This used to happen, but, some time since then, I stopped it from switching back to “Lights” – I can’t remember why. =/
  • Attempted to improve the ‘accuracy’ of the fading of the lights when they are at the part of the fade which is supposed to be at less than 10% brightness. Well, I certainly hope it’s improved, because if it’s not, then that’s an extra 4 KB in the EXE going to waste. =P

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