StepMania Player (revision 43)

Posted on 2009-05-01 at 09:46 in Games, Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

*Sigh* As usual, after making big changes to the code in the previous version, a nasty bug reared its head. It has promptly been squashed (and other things have been improved), and I advise that anyone who was misfortunate enough to get and use the last version updates to this version.

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  • Program no longer crashes if a simfile or its music file can’t be seen (doesn’t seem to exist) when you try to load it. This could happen if there were strange characters in the path/filename. If the simfile can be seen but the music file can’t be seen, “Play music now” is simply unticked (after a non-critical error is displayed).
  • Program no longer crashes on startup if “Play music too” wasn’t ticked when you last exited. This nasty bug was introduced in revision 42, by part of the code which improves the accuracy.
  • It seems that the accuracy improvement in revision 42 wasn’t noticable when “Play music too” was ticked. Now, accuracy is improved when playing the music too (although it may still be fractionally less than when not playing music, on some computers).

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