StepMania Player (revision 42)

Posted on 2009-04-30 at 22:47 in Games, Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

This version has quite a few improvements, which make such a big difference (in my opinion) that I’ve moved the version number up from 0.6 to 0.7. The most notable changes are that it copes with Japanese text properly, that it turns the lights on/off more accurately, and that the “Scrolling Arrows View” stays smoother than it used to.

(Click image to see full-size version)

You can grab it from the usual download place; However, please make sure you run the Fix program (included) before you try to run this version of SMP for the first time.

All changes are listed below~

  • Added the (experimental) ability to fade out the lights during holds rather than keep them at full brightness. This will only work when using the PARALLEL port, not when using the SSC-32. Also, it’s not a good idea to enable this if your circuits use relays to switch the bulbs – the fading is achieved by pulsing the output at 100 Hz, which will damage relays.
  • The scrolling arrows view now aims to be drawn at 40 FPS, and only if your CPU usage gets high will it fall down to 39 FPS, then 38, etc. Previously, it tried to be redrawn at 66 FPS, falling back to 33 (then 22, 16, 13, etc) if the slightest thing used your CPU (even if your CPU usage was only around 4%).
  • Doing a few other things on your computer while having SMP play a simfile should now have much less impact on the frame rate achieved on the scrolling arrows view, and on the accuracy of the switching, unless your CPU is close to being maxed out.
  • Lights now switch on/off at MUCH more accurate times (accurate to 1 millisecond, versus only 10 and 15 ms which earlier versions of SMP managed).
  • Fixed bug where, if you started the program and then immediately clicked “Read” (next to the text box showing the last-loaded simfile), an error would be shown saying that the music file couldn’t be found, and that it would just use the first audio file in the folder. I can’t believe I only just noticed this bug.
  • Simfiles are now treated as UTF-8 files by default. This means, finally, support for the reading of Japanese text in simfiles (e.g. for titles/artists). Although this isn’t usually important, it had been getting on my nerves (to say the least) that almost every simfile I loaded was showing up with blankness for the title/artist. No more!
  • Config files are now saved/loaded in Unicode! This means that if you exit having just played a simfile with Japanese characters in the path/filename, the next time you run SMP, the path/filename for that simfile will be properly reloaded and shown near the top (previously it crashed on startup until you edited/deleted the CFG file).

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