DIY Printer P1: Basic concepts & smoothly moving the motors

Posted on 2014-07-06 at 18:31 in Videos by Robbi-985.

The first in a series of “making of” videos where I make a super-basic printer controlled by an Arduino! I recorded pretty much every step of the way, so you should hopefully be able to follow the progress from pretty much nothing (here) to something that actually works.

[Watch in HD]

I started this project almost a year ago, but I’m only uploading the videos now that I’m sure it actually gets somewhere and that I didn’t just abandon it like I do with most of my projects.

The rest of the videos probably won’t feature so much editing work – I just needed to do that in this video due to my explanations that would be too hard to follow if I just kept my speech and video of my hand moving enthusiastically in front of the camera.

I should’ve made a compilation of every time I said “Basically” at the end, basically.

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