[AAA] StepMania: Kuru Kuru Lovely Day [HD]

Posted on 2009-03-18 at 11:46 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

I hadn’t uploaded a new StepMania video in quite a long time, and I surprised myself at being able to AAA this, so I decided to record myself trying to do it again. After about 6 more frustrating attempts, I finally managed. Unfortunately, people were trying to sleep at the time I was recording, so I had to keep fairly quiet (apart from the unavoidable tapping sounds, of course…). This also meant I had to play on headphones, so I mixed the song’s audio in afterwards (although I normally do that anyway).

[Watch in HD]

Note that the theme I’m using, CyberiaStyle 4, shows
“A-” for “A”,
“A+” for “AA”,
“AA” for “AAA” and
“AAA” for “AAAA”.
You can see more info about this theme (for SM 3.9), and download it, from the author’s site, here.

This song is actually from the opening of an H-game called 「魔界天使ジブリール3」 (Makai Tenshi Jiburiiru 3). In this video, I play it as part of the “Otaku’s Dream 2nd Hentai Mix” song pack. You can find out more info about tha pack, and find download links for it, here.

6 Responses to [AAA] StepMania: Kuru Kuru Lovely Day [HD]

  1. pk says:

    hey. could you please contact me through email asap – i was wondering if it would be possible to play your pc speaker music in a simple windows exe application in a windows environment, rather than dos.

  2. Robbi-985 says:

    I’m not sure what you mean. My Bleeper Music Maker program is for Windows, not DOS. I’ve sent you an email though. ^^

  3. why the native faith folder on your touhou pack 4 can’t be played ?
    I think the problem is at the folder

    can you email me the folder that you got on your stepmania folder ?

  4. Robbi-985 says:

    @TnA feat. Kouha: The problem is probably that the simfile’s folder (or one or more of its files) contains Japanese characters, and you don’t have the default non-Unicode language set to Japanese on your system.

    I have actually made a tiny guide on how to change the non-Unicode language on Windows XP (you will need your Windows setup CD) – you can find it here: Page 1, Page 2.
    It is actually part of an unrelated guide for how to install a game, so just don’t click any links on the pages.

    There are also guides online for doing this which a quick Google search should reveal. I hope my little guide solves your problem, though.

    By the way, I didn’t make the simfile pack. ;)

  5. TnA feat. Kouha says:

    I already got it from another web

    thx for your web

    oh !
    maybe you should divide the pack 3 and pack 4 into 2 pack

    because I think the pack 3 is not quite good and the most great song is on pack 4

    It takes 5 hour for me to download your pack -3-

  6. TnA feat. Kouha says:

    and one thing….
    do you have the program for make .sm file ?
    cause I want to try make my own dance rythme xD

    are you have this .mp3 of this song ?

    it’s a cool one ! xD

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