StepMania Player (revision 41)

Posted on 2009-03-17 at 00:02 in Games, Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve released a new version of my StepMania Player program, but I finally have a new version out which fixes a few bugs and adds new features.

Here’s the usual download place

…and here’s the information for this new version:

  • Added an “Invert output” option for when using the parallel port. So, when a pin should be on, instead of being set to “high” logic level (not inverted), it will be set to “low” logic level (inverted).
  • “Fix DLL OCX.exe” should now work with any installation location and version of Windows (Vista users may need to right-click the program and choose “Run as admin”).
  • Moved the “Constant speed” checkbox on the scrolling arrows view to stop the window needing to be so unnecessarily wide.
  • Added address 03BC as a selectable parallel port address (now all three addresses of 0378, 0278 and 03BC are available for selection).
  • Now if you show the main playback view for the first time since the program started running and press Page Up/Down, you won’t be changing the playback rate along with the playback offset (the playback rate slider is no longer selected by default). You’ll now just be changing the playback offset.
  • Fixed visual bug in Detailed Config window where the “Parallel port” frame was so low down that it was not fitting into the “Hardware” frame.
  • Fixed playback sometimes not looping when “Loop” is ticked (previously it wouldn’t loop if the song’s audio finished before the last event in the events list).
  • Changed text shown during stops from “FREEZE!” to “STOP!” to avoid confusion.

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