[MIDI] JUMPING!! (Kin-iro Mosaic OP) [SC-88Pro]

Posted on 2014-04-13 at 18:52 in Music, Videos by Robbi-985.

I tried to remake the opening theme of the anime “Kin-iro Mosaic” as a MIDI for the Roland SC-88Pro synth. The song is “JUMPING!!”, originally by Rhodanthe*. Bawami is playing the MIDI just so that you can see what’s going on, and it’s sending the MIDI messages to the SC-88Pro synth, whose display is shown in the top-right.

[Watch in HD]

This was roughly as hard to make as “Mii-tan no Mahou de Pon!!” (perhaps there’s something about songs that have two exclamation marks in the title). I put a lot of effort into making the guitars as accurate as I could, so here‘s a version with only the GUITARS, BASS and DRUMS playing.

I started working on this 4 months ago, then lost motivation, and then continued and finished it over the last week. Also, holy crap, I’m going to take YouTube’s matching of third-party content at 0:17 as a complement of how accurate the trumpet part is.

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