BaWaMI (revision 116)

Posted on 2014-03-26 at 03:01 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

A few bug fixes and changing of instrument volumes (including percussion) mostly sums up this version.

  • Tooltips on the MIDI Messages view now work again (broken in revision 111, when language system was first introduced).
  • SysEx messages with less than 3 bytes of data no longer cause Bawami to freeze (SysEx messages should be at least 4 bytes long anyway, not including start/end bytes), and are logged correctly on the MIDI Messages view.
  • Quietened all percussion slightly further.
  • No longer crashes on MIDIs with invalid “sequence number” (meta) messages while showing MIDI Messages view.
  • “Sequence number” meta message text (on the MIDI Messages view) changed to “Seq.Number” so that it is now neatly aligned with the text of other types of meta message.
  • Instruments:
    • Improved sound of Footsteps (126_005_001).
    • Quietened Electric Grand (002) and Castanets (115_008_001) (also affects percussive note 085).
    • Increased volume of Bagpipe (109) (also affects Shanai (111)).

You can download the new version from here (6.97 MB)

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