2000&Cirno, The Year Of The Ice Fairy – Freezing On Me [IOSYS]

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 04:34 in Music, Touhou, Videos by Robbi-985.

We were hit by a large amount of snow early this February in 2009 and I was eager to catch some shots with my HD camera to go along with a song which I’d recently got addicted to.

[Watch in HD]

The song used is a cut-down version of “FREEZING ON YOU” by “IOSYS” (I had to cut it down from 4m40s since I didn’t record enough different video to last that long without the finished video ending up uninteresting). It’s a remix of Cirno’s theme from Touhou Project, and with Cirno being an ice fairy and associated with the number 9, this was too perfect an opportunity for me to miss.

One Response to 2000&Cirno, The Year Of The Ice Fairy – Freezing On Me [IOSYS]

  1. Rocky says:

    Great editing. Great music. Great quality.

    I wish that happened in California…

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