Waveform Display (revision 20)

Posted on 2014-01-25 at 22:09 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

Waveform Display should now run on computers without an EasyLase installed again (the last version would crash on startup on such computers). Also:

  • The size of images when bending the waveform into a picture is no longer limited to 640×480. Of course, bigger images require more CPU time.
  • Parallel port output works again (it was accidentally left disabled in revision 19 again).
  • More effort is made to keep as close to 60 FPS as possible, instead of the frame rate dropping to half if a frame isn’t drawn quickly enough. As a result, more CPU time will be used, but the animation should be smoother.

NOTE: You may need to run “Fix DLL OCX.exe” before this new version will run, as a new DLL file (vbalHTmr6.dll) is now used for timing the drawing of frames.

The following changes to pitch detection were also made in the last version, which most people were not able to run, which I forgot to mention before:

  • Detected pitch should be less likely to jump up/down by a fifth-note (7 semitones, 150% of the frequency).
  • Added an experimental option for pitch detection: “Link to waveform’s horizontal scale”. This attempts to use the knowledge of the pitch of the sound to make the waveform display more stable. More specifically, it stretches and shifts the waveform horizontally so that only 3 cycles of the waveform (at the detected frequency) are shown.

Please grab the new version from here (1.87 MB).

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