Random HD Clips

Posted on 2009-01-17 at 11:38 in Random, Videos by Robbi-985.

A random collection of videos I’ve gathered over the past few days with my new high-def camcorder. It’s partly to test YouTube’s newish support for HD videos, and partly to show off some high-resolution randomness.

[Watch in HD]

Things shown, in order of appearance and camera details for people with time to waste are below…

  • Kitchen.
  • Snow.
  • Random cat.
  • Plane landing against a great sunset.
  • My bro playing part of a song he made on electric guitar.
  • Condensation on a window, car.
  • It’s over 9000! …GB
  • Tabby cat walking away from me.
  • Holly leaves, garden.
  • My comp failing to play MaiKaze’s Touhou anime.
  • Birds around trees.
  • Papercraft Remilia in the making. (Head = hat…)
  • Random plant leaves and branches.
  • Tabby cat on chair.
  • Korg Radias synth.
  • Inside of main comp.
  • My brother’s band from his school.
  • Random bird walking on path.
  • More from my bro’s band.
  • Trees and plants.
  • My server and the weirdness on top of it.
  • The nastiness which is me.
  • Yeah, that’s fine.
  • Closer view of a plane landing.
  • Me jumping at a high frame-rate.
  • My program bending Miku into a waveform.
  • Sleeping tabby cat.
  • A fire is added. Oh, wait…
  • Subwoofer making a memory stick fly.
  • Rev limiter being reached.
  • Food being cooked.
  • LAN cable spaghetti.
  • Seagulls and geese being fed.

Detailed info

The camera is a Sony HDR-SR12E. This records interlaced video at 1920×1080. I had to scale the video down to 1280×720 for YouTube. Because the video is interlaced at 25 frames/sec, when deinterlacing and keeping both fields you can get 50 FPS video. The camera has a “Smooth Slow Rec” feature which lets it record at 100 FPS for 3 seconds. Again, when deinterlacing, you can expand this to 200 FPS (1/8x speed!) without losing any frames. However, the video quality is not so high when using Smooth Slow Rec.

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