BaWaMI (revision 112)

Posted on 2013-11-21 at 16:39 in Music, Programs by Robbi-985.

Revision 111 broke file playback entirely for some people – this version should fix it. There are also a few other minor updates.

  • Updated “First Run.bat” to be self-contained (not rely on a separate “regfull.bat”) and bug-fixed, thanks to help from DJ3520.
  • Fixed visual glitch in the playback position (time) text when using live MIDI input on a computer whose clock is set to 12-hour format instead of 24-hour. This glitch had been present ever since revision 96, when the computer’s time (clock) started to be displayed when using live MIDI input.
  • MIDI file playback either broke entirely (with some CPUs) or had inaccurate timing (played fractionally too slowly or quickly) in revision 111 due to a micro-optimisation I attempted to make (the multiplication instead of division). This change has been undone now, so file playback should work again for the affected computers.
  • Added support for percussive notes:
    • Claves (075) (plays as an extra-high-pitched woodblock).
    • By remapping to already-existing percussive instruments:
      • Remapped to Kick 1 (note 035): Room Kick 1 (note 008).
      • Remapped to Kick 2 (note 036): Room Kick 2 (note 009).
      • Remapped to Tambourine (054): Jingle Bell (note 083).
  • Instruments:
    • Added [GS] Sine Lead (080_009_003) (shortcut to [GS] Sine Wave (080_008_001)).

You can download the new version here (6.95 MB).

2 Responses to BaWaMI (revision 112)

  1. CmdOptions says:

    Hi Robbi, are there any command line options for BaWaMI? I’d like to have a script to start BaWaMI, set the output to PC speaker, and then play a MIDI file. I tried some options at the command line, and did some research in Process Explorer but didn’t find anything. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Robbi-985 says:

      There aren’t any yet, no. I will add these options (and others) in the next version. I also want to let it accept being associated with MIDI files without loading multiple instances of itself for every MIDI file opened, and to automatically start playing when a MIDI file is loaded.

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