Greenscreen barrier effect

Posted on 2008-11-27 at 19:36 in Random, Videos by Robbi-985.

Over a year after creation, I finally upload this out of boredom.

My brother and I made this to try out an idea I had about how to make an “invisible barrier” effect with a greenscreen, but I didn’t put much effort into the editing of it, hence me avoiding uploading it (until now).

As has happened before, I think the clips of messed-up things at the end are more interesting than the main part.

3 Responses to Greenscreen barrier effect

  1. KirbyM says:

    This looks like it would be incredibly entertaining and fun to play around with.

  2. jeremy says:

    hey can u plz tell me how u make stuff invisible i really want to know like how would i make a skateboard invisible?plz help

  3. Robbi-985 says:

    @jeremy: Well, you could do that fairly easily as long as you don’t move the camera. Firstly you need to get a shot (it could be a still image) of the background – the place where you’re going to skateboard. That will be the background layer. The foreground layer would be you skating, with your board covered in some green (or any colour not used anywhere else in the foreground layer) material. The material would probably need to go over the edge of the board so that the wheels can’t be seen. When you edit the video you can use a chroma key to remove the green parts. There are a lot of tutorials around for making greenscreen effects which you can find with a quick Google search. ^^

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