Robotic Arm Moving Cassette Tapes Between Piles

Posted on 2008-02-04 at 21:12 in Random, Videos by Robbi-985.

I decided, after a very long time of doing nothing with my robotic arm, to make a program for it. It’s nothing too fancy when I think about it (it did only take today and yesterday to make), but I was excited when I finally saw it working. =D

Here’s the YouTube video!

By the way, the arm’s a Lynx6. Check out the great LynxMotion for more info. It can also move the wrist up and down (although I didn’t use it much here), and rotate the wrist (which I didn’t use at all here). I made the program in VB6.

EDIT: Since it’s such a small program and people can learn from it, I’m releasing a ZIP of the VB6 project files (source code) for the program. Here’s the link.

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