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[Touhou] Native Faith – Custom StepMania Lights At Night!

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Someone wanted to see them playing a  song with a difficulty 15 step chart, so here they are blasting out “Native Faith” (Suwako Moriya’s theme) to the rest of the street. =P

I’ve tried to compensate for YouTube’s tendancy to make the video become ahead of the audio, so hopefully the audio/video should be in sync this time.

The reason why the view from outside missed out on the first flash is because I made a program to start the lights on a timer (since I was with the cam), but it didn’t work perfectly. xD

I apologise for the strange “blockiness” which appears momentarily throughout the video it’s because my camcorder needs its head cleaning. It’s not visible on most of my videos, but since the picture changes from bright to dark so quickly here, it’s much more obvious.

This simfile can be found in the 4th Touhou StepMania pack, and the 3rd and 4th packs can be downloaded from here (371.8 MB!).

Remix: “Critical Judgement” – StepMania

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

My friend, Sota Systems (Sota250993), and I, made this techno remix of Shikieiki’s theme, “Critical Judgement”, after hearing IOSYS’s remix of the same theme, “Koko de atta ga 60 nenme”. Then I made a StepMania simfile for it.

We play it on StepMania at the same time, but in our own separate countries, recording our gameplay with several cameras, and here you see it all mixed into one video – our combined gameplay views. I have a few custom things connected to my comp being controlled by StepMania. ;D

You can download the simfile (even if you don’t play StepMania, it’s just a ZIP and it includes the MP3) from a new “StepMania Simfiles” section of my site, here.

Also in the video is a crazy announcer which my bro (“Steeeven1″) and I made, after being told that a previous attempt wasn’t crazy enough. I won’t provide a download link for it unless anyone seriously wants one. ;P

The StepMania theme is called Pop☆Candy 2, and you can get it from the author’s site, here.

(x5, Challenge, A) StepMania: Naki Oujo No Tame No Seputetto

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Remilia’s theme being tapped away to on the hardest difficulty, with 2 hands. Since I’ve started using 2 hands, fast streams like ones in here are so much easier. At 01:56, I peered over to make sure my PSP hadn’t stopped due to the old memory stick (it keeps happening every now and then), but it cost me a jump. =/

My camcorder’s showing the view of the monitor and my PSP’s recording view of the keyboard.
I apologise for the not-so-good view of my hands. Next time, I think I’ll put that camera onto more of a side view.

This simfile can be found in the second Touhou StepMania pack:

The theme is Takuya’s “DDR SuperNOVA BT2″ (Beta Tester 2).
You can get the “DDR SuperNova BTw Plus” (for SM 3.9) from here, and Takuya’s site is here.

Please DON’T tell me that his site is unavailable – I’m not even the owner of the place. Geocities sites often become unavailable temporarily. Just try another day (or after a few hours). -_-

Note that this song and most, if not all, other songs in this pack will only show up on StepMania if you have your non-Unicode language set to Japanese, due to non-Unicode characters in the file and folder names. This setting is under “Regional and Language options” in Control Panel (on Windows XP), and you’ll probably need your Windows CD to hand. Setting it is quite a common procedure, and as such, there are plenty of guides around the Internet to doing this – a Google search for “Japanese non-Unicode” should find something.

Custom StepMania Lights

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Lights flashing to the notes in StepMania files. They’re controlled by a program which I made which reads SM files and plays through the notes (it’s the same program which controlled the servos in my previous video where the servos pressed the arrow keys for StepMania).

Some people who saw my previous video may know that I (accidentally) killed the microcontroller on the same day that I made the video. My brother’s kindly letting me use his in the meantime. I ordered a new one two weeks ago today, and it still hasn’t arrived. Aaaah, SSC-taaan! >_<

Technical rubbish:
The main microcontroller is an SSC-32.
The bulbs are each 2-Watt 21-LED 12-Volt bulbs, producing the same amount of light as a 25-Watt halogen bulb.

I intend to make a guide on how to make this, some time.

EDIT: Oh, YouTube’s messed up the sync again.

Computer playing StepMania with servos

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

My latest project, and this is a mere prototype. A computer plays StepMania CVS 4, controlling servos to press the arrow keys according to step sequences in StepMania files. Lots more info and quite a bit of showing off in the video.

It plays “Overdrive” (for the sake of avoiding typing a really long title which I can’t translate) by IOSYS, and even gets a toasty on “Piano Variation for Remilia Scarlet”.

EDIT: Wow, this video’s quality really disappeared somewhere along the line.

For the technically-minded, I’m using an SSC-32 (microcontroller), and 4 Hextronik 5gr (HXT500) micro servos. The program was made with Visual Basic.

In The Groove 2: (3 songs) Trance, [Touhou] Digi-rock, J-pop

Monday, June 30th, 2008

A “step up” from my previous DDR vid, using 2 cameras this time, along with audio from my camcorder and an audio stream of the game.

I wished I’d got a A+ or more on “Magical Dial” (I’ve got it before), but with all the previous recording attempts which failed, I thought I’d just go with the flow. “An A is fine too”. =P

More info about the songs is in the vid, but the 3 songs are:
- A remix of Sakuya’s theme (and stage music).
- A remix of Remilia’s theme.
- A trance song unrelated to Touhou.

Touhou StepMania pack 1 can be downloaded here (255.24 MB). “SS 2nd Style”, along with dozens of other StepMania packs, can be downloaded here (89.71 MB).

ITG2′s own difficulty is set to Medium, by the way, which I believe is identical to StepMania’s default difficulty of “4″.

I think this is the most decent-quality DDR vid I’ve made yet. At least, it was before uploading to YT.

StepMania (x3, Heavy, 866 combo, AA) : [Touhou] 御伽の国の鬼が島

Monday, June 30th, 2008

This was a test of my crappy endurance. Sorry about the long intro.

I mixed in the MP3 of the music during play because, in the audio directly from my camcorder, the key-hitting made it very hard to hear the music from my speakers.

The song’s title can be transliterated to “otogi no kuni no oni ga shima”, and the song was created by ZUN.
This simfile is part of the “Touhou 2″ pack for StepMania, which can be downloaded here. (124.79 MB!)

Also, just for the record, I did this on the 7th of June but have only just uploaded it. I’ve improved a little more since then, so there’ll be slightly more “advanced” key-crunching vids on the way soon. =D

Yuyuko-sama eats lightning

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

…is the conclusion which I came to when having a strange chat about power cuts, with my friend “Sota-sama”, on MSN tonight. So I drew this with my graphics tablet in the MSN convo. (2 days ago, I got my tablet working better than it ever has done before. This lame attempt really doesn’t show it off well, though.)

(Click to see it at original size)

Here’s a coloured version at 4x the original’s size, but it looks worse IMO (due to the colour).

<BoringLengthyDescription> I had a momentary power “cut” (weakening, so my comp didn’t crash), and my friend said it might be a sign from Yuyuko (he’s said this before, it’s a kind of meme we’ve developed – usually followed by “be careful”). Then, a while later, a storm arrived where he lives, and the lightning was messing with his power. Through a strange chain of messages we decided that Yuyuko was eating the power, and the lightning was just a natural progression from there on.

Later on, we nearly decided that she was also fond of WLAN signals, but that was just getting silly. </BoringLengthyDescription>

Here are just a few of the scary points (I’m sure you can make up more):

- Her hands.

- Her hat (what exactly is going on?? Especially on coloured version).

- Her eyes. o_o

- The reverse-view of her head which looks like a lampshade.

The related part of the original MSN convo follows… (Please, if you value your free time, just move along…)


[Touhou] ‘Singing motor’ with Sakuya’s & Remi’s themes

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

That computer-controlled motor is back! Headaches guaranteed, or your viewing time back! (I’m sure Sakuya will sort it somehow.)

It just plays a short part of Sakuya’s theme “Tsuki Dokei ~ Luna Dial” (Moon clock) and Remilia’s theme “Naki Oujo no Seputetto” (Septette for a dead princess). Since I recently made them on BMM, I decided to challenge the motor to try to play them. Yes, it’s a useless mod for my program “Bleeper Music Maker“. In fact, it was only the first or second mod which I made for BMM, a while before I ever released BMM to the public.

I’ve changed it since last time so that now the motor doesn’t stop between notes (it was affecting being able to hit notes on time, and is no good for the power supply xD).

This time the usual motor has help from another motor which it spins via a drive belt, which adds more power to the sound (slight understatement). Amazingly, it seems it’s still strong enough to hit most of the notes.

Oh, and Yukari because… gaps are awesome.

U.N. Owen Was Her? (Flandre Scarlet’s theme) + 2 themes from Imperishable Night + Bleeper Music Maker (revision 132)

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

What a mess of a title.

Showing off the fact that this new release of BMM can, via MIDI-In, handle an unlimited number of notes at once (although it sounds silly while trying to play too many), here it is playing Flandre‘s theme straight from the MIDI file. “…What?” Oh, I explain what’s actually going on in the second video, because I promised Flan’s would be next. ;)

Here’s the fractionally-more-formal introduction and explanation of the new feature of BMM, MIDI Input, showing off 2 more MIDIs from Imperishable Night! =D

The themes are “Retribution for the Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night” (Stage 4 theme), and “Voyage 1970″ Eirin and Kaguya‘s Last Spell theme).

As usual, you can download this latest version of Bleeper Music Maker here.

Things changed or new in this version:

- Will no longer fail on any computer to load files which contain Unicode characters.

- Ability to change channel and instrument on “MIDI Output Settings”.

- MIDI Input! (Info is in info.txt which is included in the download, under “MIDI INPUT MOD”.)

- A few typos in “info.txt” fixed.

- Now it actually shows text when you click “?” next to “Use MIDI output” (how could I have forgotten to program that? >_<)

- MSSTDFMT.DLL now included in download (many people seemed to be missing it) (info on exactly what to do with the file is near the top of info.txt, under “REQUIREMENTS / PREPARING / COMMON CAUSES OF ERRORS”) .