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StepMania LED Message Display + Lilies Line (AAA) [HD]

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

A few days ago I bought a nice LED message display, and after finding out what data to send to it to control it (without using the sucky software which it came with), I have something new to work with StepMania! ^^

[Watch in HD]

My program controlling the display works by reading StepMania’s log file to see what you’re doing on StepMania. However, StepMania only updates its log file when it’s built up enough text to write (to avoid making the hard drive do unnecessary work), which means that my program sometimes doesn’t realise what’s happening (or doesn’t until it’s too late). At the end of a song (when StepMania shows “Failed” or “Cleared”) is when this happens the most. Unfortunately, detailed gameplay info (for example, how many “Great”s you got, or what your longest combo was) is not written to the log file. orz

The voice which announces the name of the song is just pre-recorded audio files, and I haven’t recorded files for all songs. As you will hear, only the first 2 songs have their names announced.

Also, I forgot to set my camcorder’s focus to manual, so the flashing of my StepMania lights messes up the autofocus a bit. Sorry xD

MCM Expo: Cirno’s Perfect Caramelldansen

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Here’s a much-needed compilation video using some of the many videos I recorded at London MCM Expo (May 2009). It mainly focuses around cute things because this video was originally going to be for the Touhou cosplayers, and… well, you know, I didn’t think soldier or Alien cosplays would fit in very well. I wonder if you can call a Dalek cute though.

[Watch in HD]

The sudden song change is because Cirno’s Perfect Maths Class had so many different parts that it was too hard for me to be lazy while editing the video. I tried to at least change the song when it reached an appropriate place.

Touhou + Vocaloid cosplayers at MCM Expo

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

MCM Expo in London was held last Saturday and Sunday, and, quite awesomely, there was a group of people cosplaying as characters from Touhou Project! Here’s a bunch of pictures I took (some are screencaps from videos I recorded, so they generally don’t look as good). Please click an image to see a larger version of it.

London MCM Expo,Touhou,cosplay,May 2009,Hakurei Reimu,Saigyouji Yuyuko,Yagokoro Eirin,Kirisame Marisa London MCM Expo,May 2009,Touhou,Moriya Suwako,cosplay

London MCM Expo,May 2009,Touhou,Izayoi Sakuya,Nagae Iku,cosplay London MCM Expo,May 2009,Touhou,Izayoi Sakuya,cosplay

London MCM Expo,May 2009,Touhou cosplay,Touhou,Hakurei Reimu,cosplay Touhou,cosplay,London MCM Expo,May 2009,Kirisame Marisa

In particular, the Suwako one is bad because that’s from the only video I ever got of her, from a distance while waiting in the ticket queue.

After seeing a box of doujinshi dedicated to the game series last October, but then not seeing a single piece of Touhou merchandise this May, I was disappointed, but these people more than made up for that. The group consisted of 3 guys cosplaying as Eirin, Yuyuko and Marisa, and 2 girls cosplaying as Sakuya and Iku (one of them was being Reimu on Saturday). There were also 2 other girls doing Suwako and Marisa, but they didn’t appear to be part of the group.

I may well upload some HD videos to YouTube, since videos just seem more realistic to me than photos, and I mentioned doing so on the Touhou Group thread on the MCM forum and no-one seems to be objecting to me doing so. However, that involves me not being lazy (at least cutting and joining the video files), so it will take me a while to do.

Oh, there were some cute Mikus too, which was cool to me, given that I’m pretty fond of her too.
cosplay,London MCM Expo May 2009,Vocaloid,Kagamine Rin,Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku,cosplay,London MCM Expo May 2009,Vocaloid Hatsune Miku,cosplay,London MCM Expo May 2009,Vocaloid

Osu! – “IOSYS: Hakurei Jinja” on graphics tablet (100%, Normal) [HD]

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

On a graphics tablet~.

[Watch in HD]

I was recently introduced to the rhythm-based game “osu!”. Since it’s a clone of a game from the Nintendo DS which takes advantage of the touch-sensitive screen, I decided to try to emulate that playing style.

I know that this beatmap is really not hard compared to most, but my “Yes!” was due to the fact that this was the first time I’d got a 100% accuracy rating.

The wires coming out of the pen are soldered to the battery terminals inside, and have a D-size battery (which you can see on my desk) connected on the other end. I did that because the internal battery compartment of the pen had a connection so bad that the tablet was simply unusable when using it.

I don’t think I have the input/song sync set correctly since there is quite a noticable delay between pressing the pen and the game detecting that (you can see, and even sometimes hear the tapping at times, in the video). I set the offset to the same as what I set StepMania’s to, and, since both games use DirectSound, I thought that that would make the offset perfect here too, but clearly that’s not the case.

Touhou music playing on FM MIDI synth – Full Re-upload

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Since someone kindly informed me that the links to the archives containing MP3s of the Touhou MIDIs playing on my FM synth were in fact dead, I’ve re-uploaded them all (to MegaUpload instead of RapidShare, this time). The page has now been updated with the new links (although you may need to press F5 to see the new links).


[AAA] StepMania: Kuru Kuru Lovely Day [HD]

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

I hadn’t uploaded a new StepMania video in quite a long time, and I surprised myself at being able to AAA this, so I decided to record myself trying to do it again. After about 6 more frustrating attempts, I finally managed. Unfortunately, people were trying to sleep at the time I was recording, so I had to keep fairly quiet (apart from the unavoidable tapping sounds, of course…). This also meant I had to play on headphones, so I mixed the song’s audio in afterwards (although I normally do that anyway).

[Watch in HD]

Note that the theme I’m using, CyberiaStyle 4, shows
“A-” for “A”,
“A+” for “AA”,
“AA” for “AAA” and
“AAA” for “AAAA”.
You can see more info about this theme (for SM 3.9), and download it, from the author’s site, here.

This song is actually from the opening of an H-game called 「魔界天使ジブリール3」 (Makai Tenshi Jiburiiru 3). In this video, I play it as part of the “Otaku’s Dream 2nd Hentai Mix” song pack. You can find out more info about tha pack, and find download links for it, here.

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: Touhou MIDIs on FM Synth

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

I’ve now finished recording all themes from Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil in MIDI form playing on my old FM MIDI synth.

You can download MP3s of them with the other Touhou FM MIDI recordings (so far from the 6th, 7th and 8th games), here.

For those who haven’t seen (heard) any before, they’re basically very electronic-sounding versions of the music from the Touhou games (they’re not strictly 8-bit, but they certainly do often sound like they’re 8-bit). If you like chiptune music, you’ll probably really like them.

2000&Cirno, The Year Of The Ice Fairy – Freezing On Me [IOSYS]

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

We were hit by a large amount of snow early this February in 2009 and I was eager to catch some shots with my HD camera to go along with a song which I’d recently got addicted to.

[Watch in HD]

The song used is a cut-down version of “FREEZING ON YOU” by “IOSYS” (I had to cut it down from 4m40s since I didn’t record enough different video to last that long without the finished video ending up uninteresting). It’s a remix of Cirno’s theme from Touhou Project, and with Cirno being an ice fairy and associated with the number 9, this was too perfect an opportunity for me to miss.

Perfect Cherry Blossom: Touhou MIDIs on FM Synth

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I finally got around to recording the MIDI music from Touhou 07: Perfect Cherry Blossom playing on my old FM MIDI synth tonight. You can find MP3s of them with the other Touhou FM MIDI recordings, here.

I intend to record the Touhou 06: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil MIDIs next.

[Touhou] Electric River (Komachi’s Theme Techno Remix) (OLD)

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

(> Newer post here! <)

I made this this slowish techno remix of Komachi Onozuka’s theme on the spur of the moment, quite a few months ago now. “Electric” since it’s techno, “River” due to Komachi’s job of ferrying souls along a river… that, and the whole electricity/water thing worked out nicely, lol. I’ve been wanting to make a video for it for a long time and release it on YouTube, but since so much time had passed and I still hadn’t released it at all, I’m releasing the MP3 of it first, here, now.

Download link (~6.4 MB as ZIP)

It starts off sounding very electronic, but turns to techno with a few hints of rock (I guess). The ways in which I used the various melodies within Komachi’s theme is original (I didn’t base it on anything, unlike my Unlocked Girl re-make). Of course, there are some of my own fast harmonizing melodies in here too.

The duration is 2 mins, 59 secs, and the MP3′s at 320kbps.

In addition, I’ve created a new “Current Projects” section in an attempt to prove that I’m not as lazy as Komachi herself.